Bodogol greeny hairy

Bodogol is a site part of Gede Pangrango National Park aimed for both education and conservation purpose. The forest was preserved and animals enjoy their habitat including Javan Gibbon, Javan Eagle, Javan Langur, Surili monkey, Javan leopard and birds including Javan endemic like Javan Banded Pitta.

It’s close in proximity to Jakarta. So, if no other agenda I’m visiting this site often. Will keep this post updated.

Shrike flycatcher




Halimun means mountain mist. Yep as expected, these misty mountain ranges is the home for endemics in Java including Javan trogon, Javan gibbon and elusive Javan blue banded kingfisher. Also Javan leopard is a common sight of camera trap scrambled by National Park ranger here.


Javan gibbon

Alas Purwo

According to local belief, Alas Purwo is the first land emerged from the ocean during the forming of Java island. It’s now a National Park where Banteng bull, Green peacocks, Javan gibbon and many other special animals took a refuge from population tension of Java.

Green peacock – male